Trompe L’oeil in decorative art artwork
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Most people who have an interest in decorative art these day know the term “Trompe L’oeil” originating from French as many other decorative terms (marouflage, decoupage). These are words which us decorative artists love to use as we can impress our clients with our knowledge of romantic sounding techniques to produce some paint magic in their homes. Trompe L’oeil literally means to ‘trick the eye’ and basically applies to any surface paint which creates an illusion which can fool the viewer into believing that there is an added dimension and that the image is not flat surface. There are many forms of trompe l’oeil from grand murals with views into spaces so real that people try to walk into them (work of John Pugh) and recently some pavement artists have been creating brilliant anemographic chalk drawing of pavements that open up into graphic scenes below(to be very effective these have to be viewed from one point. I describe myself as a mural artist and trompe l’oeil artist I use trompe l’oeil techniques to make my interior decorative artwork more sophisticated and interesting or creating more depth and space.
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