An Association of ProfessionalMuralists, UK

"your imagination is ourinspiration"

Founded in 2004 by Messers: Bentley, Collett and Westall.



 1956- 2004.
One of the three founder members, Chris Bentley, is very sadly nolonger with us.
Please still visit his website, as his work is still aninspiration to us all.



Est.1990 - Chris Westall works in a variety of mural & trompel’œil styleson commissions from restaurants, hotels, lesisure centres,businesses & private clients.

He is the author of both "Trompe L'OeilInteriors" and "Trompe L'Oeil Bible"both published by David & Charles. 

Television work includes appearances onUK Style's "A House in Tuscany" and "Room Rivals","Meridian Tonight", Channel 4's "The Great Pretenders" and morerecently a few episodes of ITV1's "60 Minute Makeover" with fellowassociate Gordon Collett.

Chris also takes classes for trompe l’œil & mural painting.

His website displays a full portfolio ofworks.


Gordon Collett

Est.1995 - Gordon Collett specialises in trompe l’œil murals and in period-styles.

Gordon has worked extensively in the UK, France, Holland and Spain formany private and commercial clients. 

He also accepts commissions forportraiture, copyist work and illustration (from 1989 being a freelanceillustrator). Portraiture being his own special interest, regularlyentering the BP Award.

Television work includes appearances onITV1's "60 Minute Makeover"(with Chris Westall) and Sky Arts' "Mastering the Art".

His website is a full portfolio of all this.


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Est. 1998 - Denise Cliffen specialises in murals, trompel’œil and children's' rooms.

Commissions include restaurants, hospitals, commercial businesses, interior designers andprivate clients. 

Denise also accepts commissions forcopyist works and bespoke furniture decoration and a variety of fauxtechniques. 

Denise has featured on TV in 'House toHome' and has also been interviewed on BBC radio. 

Her website displays a portfolio of herwork.



Est. 2000 - Anna Smith is the creative force behind Muraldesignoffering a wide range of dynamic murals, trompel’œil and canvases. 

Interiors across the country that havebeen transformed by Muraldesign's creative touch include stately homes,commercial properties, restaurants and cruise ships in addition to anarray of domestic settings, including the homes of celebrities, filmdirectors and writers. 

Anna's work has appeared in HouseBeautiful, Inspirations and Tatler magazines. 

Her website displays a portfolio of herwork.

Richard Bagguley


Est.1988 Richard Bagguley has spent 20 years painting murals and trompe l'oeil on both sides of the Atlantic.

Incorporating Venetian polished plaster and faux finishes Richard offers a complete range from crisp modern to tastefully classic interiors for restaurants ,commercial and private homes.His clients include leading interior designers and many VIP clients in UK , Europe , Middle East ,USA and Asia.

Richard is published in books and magazines.

His website has more details with a full portfolio covering all areas

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this is the most direct route to speak to us.

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